Goods & Growth, Delivered.


What is Float Financial?

Float is a new financing paradigm that enables non-dilutive growth for your company. Float partners with companies that already have demand and need to fund their supply. If you have customers, we have capital.

If you need capital to help fill your orders or fund your future orders, Float can be your partner.

How does it work?

You work with a Floatation Specialist to analyze your supply chain and funding needs. Once we understand your business, we can onboard you into the Float ecosystem. From there, you provide us with your purchase orders and/or projected demand, and we provide the capital to fund your supply.

Can I repeat funding my purchase orders?

Yes! Float’s job is to help you grow your business. Our product is designed to repeatedly fund your purchase orders, or continued online sell-through, quickly and efficiently.

How do I qualify? What about my credit?

Float’s unique model takes a holistic approach to assessing your company’s financial needs. We’re not focused entirely on the size of your previous transactions - we incorporate manufacturing history and the quality of your end buyers. Credit is only a part of the equation. Outstanding purchase orders, sales agreements with your customers and suppliers, and a proven track record are all significant aspects of our assessment.

What are Float’s repayment terms?

This is one of the most favorable and unique elements of our partnership. Each transaction is viewed individually. This means that the funding and settlement for each transaction happens in full at their open and close. Upon the completion of your sale/delivery of the funded product, you and Float get paid together. We don’t take a portion of your overall eCommerce topline revenue, we collect when you collect on the specific purchase orders we fund.

How quickly can I fund my purchase order?

Generally, onboarding takes approximately one week. Once onboarded, deals can be funded as quickly as 48 hours. In unique circumstances we have been able to execute and deliver within 24 hours.

What is the application process?

Getting started is easy. You can fill out our application HERE. We will then be in touch to flesh out the details and assess your business’s needs.